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The 51st Annual Conference of the Astrological Association is now.
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A new astrology group is being formed in Leeds. Meetings are planned for the first Wednesday of the month starting in October, Join the Astrological Association here.

Cape Astrology Association

Looking for an astrology talk, meeting or conference? A chance to share a day, an afternoon, an evening or a weekend with like-minded people? Have an astrology meeting, talk or conference that you'd like to publicise? If you're a member of the AA you can access our database crammed with astrological data on thousands of notable people and events as well as our unique online archive of Astrological Association publications, dating from to the present.

Not a member? Not to worry, you can join online and take full advantage of everything the AA has to offer. The AA maintains friendly links with all other astrological organisations and has a distinctive contribution to make.

The Astrology of Spirituality & Religion with Nate Craddock

No matter what your level of experience, whether student or teacher, amateur or professional, or whether your approach to astrology is traditional or modern, scientific or spiritual, the AA has a place for you. Join today to support the organisation that supports astrology!

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Sceptics will say that it is not science-based; practitioners will argue roots in astronomy and connections to quantum physics. In that sort of culture, you look for something underpinning everything. Gillett also points to the internet enabling people to share ideas on a scale not seen before. Lisette says she is not very good at arguing the benefits of astrology to those already set against it. I already know that astrology works.

Star gazing: why millennials are turning to astrology

With this in mind, and having spent weeks talking to people about their experiences of astrology, I decided to get my birth chart read. Oswald has been an astrologer for more than 40 years, and wrote regular columns for the magazine Artnet that leaned towards socio-political interpretations of planetary positions. After some discussion, she said she would be happy to meet me and read my chart, and answer my questions, if it would help explain some of the misconceptions about astrology.

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There were unavoidable issues — she was sorry she already knew I was a journalist but, of course, she would not look me up before we met. Besides, Mercury rules my ascendant Virgo, so my intuition is strong.

The reading was uncannily accurate and I have thought about it every day since it happened. She offered clear and precise pictures of the kinds of people I am drawn to, as friends and as partners, and why that might be. We talked about health, diet, political and social leanings, and ways of seeing the world.